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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Updates January - March 2023


Learning Lab Migration

We have officially kicked-off the migration project! We're exploring an environment for the Learning Lab materials that will be as non-destructive as possible, to ensure continuity of service and improve the user experience for users and editors. The project will involve:

  • Investigation of the current state of the Learning Lab
  • Consolidation of content
  • Removal of low-performing content
  • Migration to a new environment
  • Project review and recommendations

The following timeline for the migration project has been proposed which indicates a content freeze in April, retirement communication in May, CMS agreement in June and launch in November.


Learning Lab contextualised content

We've launched the Learning Lab Contextualised Content. This Open Educational Resource:

  • demonstrates to learners the importance of transferable skills, including both soft skills and foundational academic skills
  • support learners in these skillsets and inspires them in social context, engineering, communications, and health-related courses by showing them innovative and exciting career paths
  • contextualises Learning Lab content into real world scenarios that is relatable to students
  • offers open content for educators to use and adapt for their own courses.

Referencing and Academic integrity pages

We've recently refreshed and republished our Referencing and Academic integrity content. The new pages

  • eliminate duplication and streamline guidance across the site
  • discuss referencing concepts in terms of a wider variety of assessment types
  • acknowledge artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT, and guide students to check with instructors about expectations for their assessments.

Sustainability pages

We've also just published a new suite of sustainability resources, which interconnect with sustainability content in our recently launched Pressbooks OER, Learning Lab Contextualised Content: Running a sustainable festival.

These resources include the topics:

  • what sustainability is and why it is important
  • where sustainability fits in the United Nations (UN) charter
  • what the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are and where they are used
  • how systems thinking and a circular economy relate to business practices
  • sustainability in areas such as construction, fashion, festivals and events, and creative practice
  • how sustainability can be part of your life.

Maths conversions

As part of ongoing work with the RMIT Library STEM team, we've been converting PDF learning material to HTML pages. This valuable work moves content out of inaccessible formats into mobile friendly pages. The pages developed in the last month are listed below.