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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Educators' guide


The Learning Lab is where students can learn and apply foundational skills needed to succeed in tertiary education. Material on the Learning Lab is designed to promote active learning, each section includes activities so that students may apply their knowledge to tasks.

While the Learning Lab does not replace curriculum, it can complement courses by providing short tutorials and pages where students can gain confidence in areas of assumed knowledge.

The Learning Lab is separated into sections accessible by the tiles on the front page. There are also keywords on each page that can be used to navigate content. A complete keyword list can be found here.

The Learning Lab is in ongoing development, we document new pages and content, be sure to bookmark or check back regularly to see what’s new and updated.

Sharing Learning Lab content with your students

There are many ways to familiarise your students with the Learning Lab:

  • Include links to specific Learning Lab resources on your Canvas pages
  • Include a Canvas page devoted to helping students navigate the Learning Lab
  • Every Canvas course should have an overview of Library services page included, ensure students are familiar with the page as a part of orientation
  • If you're a RMIT educator and want to embed a resource or page from Learning Lab in your Canvas course? Email the Digital Learning Team for assistance.

Updating or creating Learning Lab content

Have you identified a tie-po or some out-of-date content? Contact the Digital Learning Team (staff login required) and we can work with you to publish or refresh content.

Other useful RMIT University Library services

There are many ways RMIT students and teachers can access support that the RMIT University Library offers.