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Time management


Time management is an important skill needed for both your daily life and to manage your study. The resources on this page provide you with a practical tool kit to help you succeed in your studies.

Why manage your time?

This short animated video gives you an overview of time management and some practical suggestions on how to effectively manage your time to help you with academic study.

When it comes to your studies, it really pays off to stay organised throughout the semester. One method for keeping on top of your homework, assignments, and exam study is to use a planner. At RMIT, free semester planners are available at the Study and Learning Centre.

To use your planner effectively, it’s a good idea to write down important dates, such as assignment deadlines, milestones, and dates of tests and quizzes.

If you find yourself not getting much done during study sessions, try setting yourself goals. Break down an assignment into small, achievable tasks, and each time you complete a goal, reward yourself. A 3000-word essay can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But if you break down the assignment into small goals during your study sessions, such as “Write 500 words”, or “Write introduction”, this makes the assignment much more manageable.

Remember, focus first on the assignments that are worth the most marks. Have a look at the subject’s course guide for a breakdown of assessment marks.

Google Calendar is another good tool to use to stay on top of your studies. You can add important dates and set yourself reminders. This way, you’ll receive automatic notifications on all of your devices. Download the RMIT “Important Dates” calendar, which imports important dates such as week numbers, census dates, graduation dates, and so on.

For more information about time management, try the tutorial. Thanks for watching.


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