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Academic writing


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Academic integrity

Why is it important? Academic integrity is an essential value in academic and professional environments. All publications are the intellectual property of the authors.

Academic reflection activities

Quizzes to test your knowledge of reflective writing in academia.

Academic style

Information and tutorial explaining academic style and strategies for writing clearly.

Argument analysis

This resource is designed to familiarise students with an argument analysis. It would suit any student studying at a certificate, diploma or degree level and is designed to help with developing essay...

Be cohesive

Good academic writing flows. Each phrase or sentence is linked to those that come before and after.

Be concise

Good academic writing gets straight to the point. It does not waffle or waste words.

Choose valid sources

This tutorial will cover why it is important to find the right type of information for your assignment and strategies for how to evaluate that information

Critical essay: Communication design

This resource will help you critically discuss key historical, technological and theoretical developments in communication design, and their relationships to contemporary communication design.


Resources and tutorials that explain how to write an academic essay with an overview of essay structure, style and writing process

Exercise - elements of critical thinking

In this example paragraph, note how the writer has structured their paragraph to support their contention stated in their topic sentence.

Include references

Academic writing and references using quotes and paraphrasing

Integrating ideas with reporting words

Reporting words tell your audience about a person’s position on a topic, and help you to communicate clearly by integrating the ideas of others into your own argument.

Integrating references

Tutorial for using and integrating references in academic writing

Main idea at the beginning

Where possible, put the main idea or key information at the start of the sentence to make it easier to comprehend.

Make recommendations

How to structure and present the recommendations section of your report.


Paraphrasing is when you express information, ideas, or work done by someone else in your own words. A successful paraphrase changes both the structure and words of the original text.


Tutorials and resources for understanding paraphrasing in academic writing with guidelines and practical examples

Paraphrasing basics

Paraphrasing is a way of integrating research into your writing. Academic writing requires you to draw on research to support your arguments and approach.

Persuasive language techniques

What language techniques does Dawson use in her article? Are they persuasive? Is she demonstrating bias?

Propositional writing

Propositional writing sets out a plan of action or design intent. It presents clearly what the project or idea is, outlines why certain actions or design elements are significant (the reasoning...