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Make recommendations


Your recommendations should be based upon your solutions for each of the identified problems.

The example below shows how headings and subheadings make the structure clear and how theory is used to support the recommendations. The following management example shows how the student used the solutions to make specific recommendations.

Note that recommendations are not always required as part of your assessment task. Always check your assessment criteria.

2.3. Recommendations

2.3.1. Strategies for improving communication at HealthCo

Strategy 1 – Provide feedback on performance
Formalise opportunities to provide feedback on performance for all employees, including management, through regular performance reviews. Baker (2010) states that feedback on performance is vital to the improvement of job performance and forms part of a Human Performance System. This system would need to be implemented by the CEO and should apply across all levels of the HealthCo without exception. More holistic feedback on performance, rather than measuring productivity by 'computer hits' would assure staff that management was supportive and respectful of their skills.

Strategy 2 – Relocate management and CEO offices
Relocate management closer to frontline staff areas and provide spaces for informal staff interactions. The CEO and senior management need to lead the relocation of management offices by moving from their current location which significantly isolates them from the clerical staff. General purpose staff rooms and office relocations should encourage interactions between staff and management. This may allow for more open communication between upper and lower level staff and end comments that management 'should get out and visit us more' (Mintzberg 2004).

Numbered headings and sub-headings

Integration of theory

Example from case

Integration of theory

Example from case