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Sample writing


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Choose your words carefully

The words you use send strong signals about the tone of your message. These examples will help you to identify and use the right tone in your email messages


Overall coherence occurs at the essay level, as well as the paragraph and sentence level. Your response to the assessment task should read as a continuous, connected piece of writing.

Email greetings

Emails are an important form of written communication in the workplace. This resource covers how to write a professional email greeting.

Email layout

Emails are an important form of written communication in the workplace. This resource covers how to layout a professional email.


Example of an integrated reference in academic writing

Future application

The final section of a studio knowledge object speculates about how you can transfer this new knowledge to future projects and professional practice.

Identify key issues

When writing case studies, it is vital to identify the major issues and their causes, to propose appropriate solutions later.

Important information first

As emails are short pieces of communication, there is a set structure you should use. This learning activity will help you identify which information is most important.

Inserting references

Where to insert a reference for direct quotes, short quotes and block quotes; references at the beginning middle and end of sentence

Make recommendations

How to structure and present the recommendations section of your report.


Part of a tutorial in contract law. Here is a model answer to the contract law question. Look at how the legal issues

Overall structure of a report

How should you structure a report? Which sections do you need and what do they include? Find the answers below.

Paragraph structure

The TEEL strategy for well structured paragraphs

Quick tips

Quick tips for writing professional emails.

Read the case

How to read a case - case report writing at university.


Reflections identify key learning and insights gained through critical incidents in the design process and activities in the studio.


when writing professional emails, you may need to make requests or respond to requests. The language you use to do this is very important. this page shows you examples of polite responses.

Sample reflection

Academic reflection sample showing the DIEP process

Sample report structures

Examples of common report structures

Sentence fragments

What is a sentence fragment? A sentence fragment is missing some of its parts. There are three main reasons why a sentence may be incomplete.