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Overall structure of a report

How should you structure a report? Which sections do you need and what do they include? Find the answers below.

Overview of case studies

Overview of a case study and which elements should be included

Purpose of reports and sources to use

What is the purpose of a report? Which sources should you use in a report? Academic report writing purpose and sources

Reflective writing

Tutorials and study tips for reflective writing including critical incident reports for nursing

Report checklist

Before you submit a report, use this checklist to ensure you have included everything you need.


Are you new to report writing? These tutorials teach you how to write well-structured academic and business reports for your assessment tasks.

Reports vs essays

Students often ask the question, What is the difference between a report and an essay? Here we have a helpful summary of the main differences between essays and reports presented in a table and a...

Sample report structures

Examples of common report structures

Stage 3: Developing solutions

Developing solutions when writing a case study

Writing a business research report

This video explains how to write a business report for post-graduate level students. It covers the introduction, report structure and organisation, writing the report, and business writing.

Writing a report

Do you need to write an academic report? The following pages form an academic report writing tutorial that explains purpose, structure and provides a checklist of features.

Writing for coursework

Tutorial, resources and links about writing for coursework