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Am I research ready?

This self-assessment checklist provides a guide to help you get research ready

Arguments and evidence

A claim, or argument, that is backed up by assumptions makes the claim more believable. However, a claim or argument that is backed up by evidence is much stronger. Quality evidence = fact.


Library databases can include journal articles, news articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and specialised information such as standards, theses, case studies and images.

Develop your search strategy

To search effectively, you need to develop a clear search strategy that will find all the relevant information on your topic.

Do I have enough information?

When researching you may gather a lot of information from websites, books, e-journals, etc. How do you know when you have enough information for your assignment?

Electronic and AV resources

The Library has an extensive collection of electronic resources which includes e-books, e-journals, streaming videos, and images.

Exercise - elements of critical thinking

In this example paragraph, note how the writer has structured their paragraph to support their contention stated in their topic sentence.

Find the information

This tutorial will cover the 'where' and the 'how' to find the information for your research.

Framework, research and project

The diagram on this page shows the relationships between the framework, the research and the project. All of these help you to develop your argument and inform your essay.

Get started

This tutorial covers how to get started with your research. It begins with an overview of the information search process, then focuses on how to understand your assignment task, and finally, how to...


An introduction to oral presentation basics covering preparation, research, planning and organisation, writing and practicing your presentation.


A short video about using the LibrarySearch search engine to find print and electronic resources held by RMIT University Library

Literature review

Information and tutorials for structuring and writing an academic literature review

Literature review: getting started

Links to tutorials and resources to assist with writing a literature review.

Plan and research

Resources to help you plan and begin your essay, mind-mapping, brainstorming and note taking tips.

Print books

An instructional video showing how to find print books in the library including how to search and read a call number.

Read and research

To produce a good literature review you must show that you have researched and read widely. This section will take you through the key processes of researching your literature review.

Researching your assignment

A three-part series of tutorials explaining how to get started with academic research and how to find the right information for your assignments and tasks

Researching your assignment

Information about conducting academic research such as finding information, reading and note taking.

Stage 2: Research and link to theory

Stage 2 of writing a case study, research and link to theory