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Literature review


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Authority activities

These activities can help you to understand how a voice of authority is used in a literature review.


A reading checklist to assist you before starting to write your literature review.

Common errors

Poor writing and common errors in a literature review

Developing authority

These video and audio resources discuss how to develop your writer's authority or voice in a literature review.

Literature review

Information and tutorials for structuring and writing an academic literature review

Literature review: getting started

Links to tutorials and resources to assist with writing a literature review.

Structuring the literature review

Watch this series of four videos explaining how to structure a literature review.


A list of useful verbs to use when incorporating quotations or references in a literature review

Voice examples

This video contains examples that show you how voice is developed in the literature review.


Writing a literature review, how to plan and what to include

Writing a literature review

This tutorial covers four of the most important aspects in writing a literature review

Writing a literature review

This resource provides you with tips and guidelines for researching and writing a literature review. What is the purpose of a literature review? What is and is not included?

Writing with authority

This tutorial will show you how to write with authority in your literature review.