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Academic reflection activities

Quizzes to test your knowledge of reflective writing in academia.

Academic word list 1 & 2

Links to tutorial activities for academic word list 1 & 2

Academic word list 3 & 4

Activities to learn and practice common words used in academic writing.

Academic word list 5 & 6

Academic word lists 5 & 6 - part of the academic word list tool including tutorials and learning activities to improve your English vocabulary

Academic word list 7 & 8

In these activities, you will learn to use the words in Sublists 7 & 8 of the Academic Word List.

Academic word list 9 & 10

This page links to word lists, tutorials and learning activities to help you to improve your academic English.

Academic word list tool

Resources tool including word lists, tutorials, quizzes and links to assist students to learn and successfully use academic vocabulary


This learning activity will help you to analyse any legal question in contract law

Artist statement - vocabulary tips

Here are some vocabulary tips to help you through your writing process and two short quizzes at the end to test your vocabulary knowledge.

Atoms, molecules and compounds quiz

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of atoms and elements.

Authority activities

These activities can help you to understand how a voice of authority is used in a literature review.

Be concise

Good academic writing gets straight to the point. It does not waffle or waste words.

Business law: Negligence

This resource introduces you to the language and vocabulary of negligence law. It provides practice activities as well as a case study exercise.

Case citations

To answer any legal question, you must apply the facts to the law and back up your arguments through citing relevant legal cases.

Chemical bonding quiz

Test your knowledge of ionic bonding here. 5 example questions with explanations and 25 quiz questions to challenge your knowledge.


These resources for chemistry students will help you to improve your skills in areas such as electron configuration and chemical bonding.


There is a clear distinction between collaboration and collusion when working on various forms of assignments.

Colour Theory

This learning resource explains the history of colour theory, how we see colour, and how to use colour systems to mix colour and create colour relationships. This content is relevant for anyone...

Common terms

Study the glossary below then complete the activities to test your knowledge of common terms.

Contract cheating

Contract cheating occurs when a student buys an assignment or has someone else write an assignment or sit an exam for them. This is cheating and is never acceptable.