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Academic integrity

Academic integrity is an essential value in academic and professional environments. Representing other people’s ideas as your own is a breach of intellectual property, known as plagiarism.

Art and design

Resources to help you with critical and reflective writing, artist statements, essays and more.

Artist statement

Writing an artist statement is an important skill for artists and designers. Learn to communicate your creative practice to others and develop your writing skills.

Artist statement - editing

Editing is an essential step in the writing process. This page has some suggestions to make your writing more engaging.

Artist statement - examples

A selection of real-world artist statements from our RMIT creative communities. These examples include learning activities that show you the different parts of a statement, and the many different...

Artist statement - formats

This page describes some common formats for artist statements that you may need to write as a creative professional

Artist statement - mind mapping

If you don’t know how to start writing your artist statement, mind mapping words and ideas that relate to your creative practice is a good way to visualise concepts and create relationships between...

Artist statement - useful resources

Links to useful resources related to writing an artist statement.

Artist statement - vocabulary tips

Here are some vocabulary tips to help you through your writing process and two short quizzes at the end to test your vocabulary knowledge.

Artist statement - writing process

Detailed information about the process of writing a clear and concise artist statement. It includes four different learning activities to help you write your own statement.

Artist statement - writing tutorial

Write your artist statement in your own words and elaborate on ideas from the previous activities. View this tutorial on writing an artist statement and an artist biography.

Colour Theory

This learning resource explains the history of colour theory, how we see colour, and how to use colour systems to mix colour and create colour relationships. This content is relevant for anyone...

Propositional writing

Propositional writing sets out a plan of action or design intent. It presents clearly what the project or idea is, outlines why certain actions or design elements are significant (the reasoning...


Clear and accurate referencing, using the correct referencing system, is an important aspect of tertiary academic writing.

Sustainable creative practice

A reflective activity that shows ways to think about your art or design working methods and processes that helps you to sustain your creative practice over time. It outlines how you can support and...