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Fashion: the Higg materials sustainability index

Learn about the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, which was developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition - an organisation that works to reduce the impact of fashion and clothing to the...

Introduction to sustainability

Sustainability is woven throughout our lives, so understanding how it impacts life and work is important for all of us, no matter our career paths or where we live.

Make your own sustainability goal

A learning activity to create your own sustainability goal using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as inspiration.

Sustainable creative practice

A reflective activity that shows ways to think about your art or design working methods and processes that helps you to sustain your creative practice over time. It outlines how you can support and...

Sustainable development goals in your life

In this section, we explore the SDGs in your everyday life. You can design your own sustainability goal by applying the principles we have explored in this resource, and take action to make the world...

Sustainable development goals: life below water

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cover many different areas of life. This pages focuses on one goal “Life below water" – Goal 14.

Sustainable industries: construction

Construction creates a lot of waste, greenhouse gases and uses a lot of valuable materials. Learn about ways the construction industry is working towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainable industries: fashion

We all need clothes to wear. Learn about sustainable fashion and textiles, and the serious issues facing this design industry that affect all of us.

Sustainable industries: festivals and events

Festivals and events are great fun, but are they bad for the environment? Learn about how you can organise green festivals and events that are planned with sustainability in mind.

Systems thinking

Learn about systems thinking in sustainability and the interconnected systems that affect our lives.

Systems thinking and the circular economy

Systems thinking means considering the effects on all parts of a system rather than just one. Learn about systems thinking and the circular economy and how this relates to your life.

Systems thinking: triple bottom line

Learn about the triple bottom line, which means thinking about PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT when making decisions in business.

Systems thinking: unexpected consequences

Sometimes we try to fix a problem and create more problems instead. Learn about unexpected consequences and using systems thinking to resolve a tricky situation.

Test Yourself: Sustainable Development Goals quiz

Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Test yourself: systems thinking quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of systems thinking and the circular economy

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Learn about the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approach to building a sustainable future for us all.