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Professional writing


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Artist statement

Writing an artist statement is an important skill for artists and designers. Learn to communicate your creative practice to others and develop your writing skills.

Artist statement - formats

This page describes some common formats for artist statements that you may need to write as a creative professional

Artist statement - writing process

Detailed information about the process of writing a clear and concise artist statement. It includes four different learning activities to help you write your own statement.

Artist statement - writing tutorial

Write your artist statement in your own words and elaborate on ideas from the previous activities. View this tutorial on writing an artist statement and an artist biography.

Choose your words carefully

The words you use send strong signals about the tone of your message. These examples will help you to identify and use the right tone in your email messages

Email greetings

Emails are an important form of written communication in the workplace. This resource covers how to write a professional email greeting.

Email layout

Emails are an important form of written communication in the workplace. This resource covers how to layout a professional email.

Important information first

As emails are short pieces of communication, there is a set structure you should use. This learning activity will help you identify which information is most important.

Linking words

Linking words are very important when writing answers to legal questions.

Main idea at the beginning

Where possible, put the main idea or key information at the start of the sentence to make it easier to comprehend.

Quick tips

Quick tips for writing professional emails.


Are you new to report writing? These tutorials teach you how to write well-structured academic and business reports for your assessment tasks.


when writing professional emails, you may need to make requests or respond to requests. The language you use to do this is very important. this page shows you examples of polite responses.

Short and simple sentences

One of the ways to make your writing easier to read and understand is to use short and simple sentences.

Subject lines

Subject lines tell the reader about the content and purpose of the email. They need to be clear, accurate and concise.

Use clear and concise language

Activity section of a tutorial on writing for the workplace. Use simple, clear and direct language. Use strong verbs (doing/action words) rather than noun phrases.

Use verbs instead of abstract nouns

This learning activity will show you how to make your writing easier to read by using verbs instead of abstract nouns.

Workplace writing basics

Use plain English to make your message easy to read. The following tips guide you through how to write in plain English.

Writing a legal memo

How to write legal memos for your law subjects. Legal memorandums that are written as assignments can take three forms: an in-house document, a letter to a client, or a paper on legal policy.

Writing emails

Emails are an important form of written communication in the workplace. This resource covers how to structure and write clear and concise professional emails.