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Ghostwriting and contract cheating


Ghostwriting and contract cheating

Assessments are your opportunity to show off your skills and prove what you have learned. It is crucial that you complete your assessments yourself so that your academic qualifications are legitimate.

Ghostwriting (called contract cheating when it's done in exchange for payment) is the practice of having someone else complete an assessment on your behalf so that you can submit it as your own work. This means that the person who actually wrote the paper is not credited for their work, and the person who submitted it is taking credit for someone else's work, both breaches of academic integrity.

It’s important for students to demonstrate their own knowledge and skills in their academic work, rather than relying on someone else to complete their assessments. Furthermore, there have been instances where providers of contract cheating services have been able to gather information about students and then use this information for exploitation and blackmail.

Ghostwriting and artificial intelligence tools

Your instructor might permit you to use artificial intelligence tools that generate text, such as ChatGPT, in your assessments. Make sure that you are following your assessment instructions carefully. When you do use ChatGPT, it must be properly cited. Using ChatGPT when it’s not permitted could be considered ghostwriting and a breach of academic integrity.

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