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Group work and academic integrity


Group work and academic integrity

It is important to be conscious of academic integrity while working in a group. While breaches of academic integrity may be intentional or unintentional, the consequences can be extremely serious for all group members.

Group work is common in higher education and helps you learn to work well as part of a team. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working in a group.

Always refer to the assignment brief

Group work can take several different forms, so reading the assignment brief carefully and seeking clarification from your instructor where there is any doubt is essential. Where work is to be submitted in sections by students, ensure that you never take credit for the work done by another member of your group, as this is considered plagiarism.

Be aware of group accountability

Each team member is responsible for the work produced by the group. If one member plagiarises or compromises the academic integrity of the project in any way, there may be consequences for each of the group’s members. One way to avoid this is to have team members revise each other’s work, paying close attention to their references and citations.

Do not accept outside help

The ideas and data expressed in your group’s work should only come from the members of the group. Allowing someone who is not in your group to contribute to your work could be viewed as breach of the academic integrity standards of your university.