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An analysis of an argument

This overview explains the language techniques used by, Dawson, the author to persuade the reader of her position

Analyse the task

A learning task to help you to carefully read and analyse the essay topic and identify the key words


This learning activity will help you to analyse any legal question in contract law

Argument analysis

This resource is designed to familiarise students with an argument analysis. It would suit any student studying at a certificate, diploma or degree level and is designed to help with developing essay...

Arguments and evidence

A claim, or argument, that is backed up by assumptions makes the claim more believable. However, a claim or argument that is backed up by evidence is much stronger. Quality evidence = fact.

Critical reading

Critical reading involves developing a deep understanding of the content of a text as well as an analysis of the author's claims, evidence, arguments and conclusions.

Critical reading

This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills.

Critical reading process

Reading critically requires active reading. Asking questions as you read forms the basis of critical reading. Questions like those listed below help you to maintain focus while reading, to examine...

Critical thinking activity

Practise applying your critical thinking skills in this activity.

Elements of an argument

This is the language used when critically analysing a text.

Persuasive language techniques

What language techniques does Dawson use in her article? Are they persuasive? Is she demonstrating bias?

Stage 1: Analyse the task

It is important to understand the exact requirements of a case study assessment task. Look at the following example to see how to analyse the task in order to address the requirements.