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Additional resources

For more information about how to develop your critical thinking skills, see the following resources:

An analysis of an argument

This overview explains the language techniques used by, Dawson, the author to persuade the reader of her position

Becoming a critical thinker

Critical thinking doesn’t just happen. It takes time to develop and practice the necessary combination of knowledge, skills and attitude.

Choose valid sources

This tutorial will cover why it is important to find the right type of information for your assignment and strategies for how to evaluate that information

Choosing communication tools

When doing a group project, the first step is to set expectations around how and when you and your team members will communicate. It is important to have clear channels of communication, especially...

Choosing communication tools activity

Do you know how to figure out the best way to communicate with your group? Let's find out.

Choosing your collaboration tools

Understanding the tools available will help you and your group choose the best way to collaborate online.


This tutorial outlines some useful tips on how to work well with your classmates online.


Critical thinking is a skill you need to teach yourself by actively engaging with ideas in your discipline area.

Critical reading process

Reading critically requires active reading. Asking questions as you read forms the basis of critical reading. Questions like those listed below help you to maintain focus while reading, to examine...

Doing the work

Strategies for doing group work


This tutorial outlines some useful tips on how to work well with your classmates online.

Exam techniques

These techniques will help you prepare for exams

Goal setting and focus

General tips for time management

How to create a mind map

Examples of brainstorm and mind map thinking processes used in study and work situations

How to study company law

This resource will help you to develop strategies for learning and remembering the course content and demonstrate a four-step technique for writing case study answers.


This tutorial will give you some useful techniques to improve your performance in exams.


A short video about using the LibrarySearch search engine to find print and electronic resources held by RMIT University Library

Making a good impression online

Communicating clearly and having positive interactions with your classmates and teachers is just as important in online classes as it is in person.

Managing the reading

Managing your reading when studying law