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Study skills


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Maximising your study sessions

Information to help you maximise your study session including organising information, categorising information visually, and identifying topics that are likely to be on the exam

Mind maps

Mind maps are a useful visual tool for organising, revising and remembering Company Law topics.

Mistakes and the lessons learnt

Read about how you can avoid some common presentation issues.

Note taking in classes and lectures


Note-taking is an active process that enhances your ability to concentrate and learn. This tutorial will show you how to improve your study skills in this area.

Online presentations

An important part of studying at university is presenting and sharing ideas.


This tutorial outlines some useful tips on how to work well with your classmates online.

Preparing for assessment

A tutorial with useful techniques to improve assessment performance

Preparing for online presentations

To do your best in an online presentation it's important to plan and practise before you and your group present.


Regular revision

Revision begins in the first week of the semester. This page explains how topics are presented logically and sequentially so you need to build on your knowledge and understanding throughout the...


This tutorial outlines some useful tips on how to work well with your classmates online.

Reviewing an academic email

Read Jasmine's email and select each section to find out whether she could improve it.

Skimming and scanning

Skim and scan an academic text for main ideas and details.

Structuring your study sessions

Use the following time break down to structure a study block. Many people forget to check what they have learnt at the end of a session

Studying efficiently

Links to active learning resources, video and audio, to understand how to study effectively.

Time management tools

Useful tools for time management including planner and timetable templates

Using collaboration tools

When your group has decided how to keep in touch, it’s time to consider how you will work together from separate locations.

What's a library database?

This short video gives an explanation of library databases and how to use them from a student's perspective.

Why think critically?

Importance of critical thinking. Critical thinking is necessary for every aspect of your study. At university in Australia, lecturers expect you to do more than just describe a theory or concept in...