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Print books


RMIT students in Australia can use LibrarySearch to find print books relevant to their research. The Library's print book are held in two collections:

  • The Reserve collection, which is for books that are in high demand such as copies of prescribed texts for your course.
  • The General collection.

Play the video below to find out how to find a book in the Library.

ISUAL: How to find a book in the Library.

An easy guide to understanding call numbers and finding books on the shelf.

RMIT University logo.

Narrator: To find the book you want ...

VISUAL: Image of search page for RMIT University LibrarySearch with a search engine box.

The following words are typed gradually into the box: EU-Asean Global finance.

Under the box are the words: or your Library catalogue.

Narrator: ... start with Library Search or your library catalogue.

VISUAL: Multiple video clips of call number 337.405 E86 which have been written on the palm of a hand, the back of a male’s hand and on a male’s bald head.

Narrator: Write down the call number.

VISUAL: Video of male student walking in library.

The following title is overlaid on top of the video of a male student walking in a library: 000 Computing, General.

Narrator: Books in the library ...

VISUAL: The following titles are overlaid on top of the video of a male student walking in a library: 100 Philosophy, Psychology.

Narrator: ... are organised by ...

VISUAL: Video of same male student standing with his back to camera looking at an information sign in the library for book locations and room locations.

Overlay of writing: 200 Religion.

Narrator: ... call number ...

VISUAL: Video of same male student walking past book shelves in library.

Writing overlays: 300 Social Sciences; and then 400 Language.

Narrator: ... and are grouped together by subject area.

VISUAL: Video of male’s feet walking past library shelves.

Narrator: To find the right area in the library ...

VISUAL: Video showing ends of library shelves with signs indicating range of call numbers per shelf.

Video stops on sign on end of book shelf – 334 to 338.064.

Narrator: ... look at the first three numbers in the call number.

Our call number begins with 337.

VISUAL: Male walks to appropriate shelf for 334 to 338.064 and looks at books.

Narrator: Read the numbers ...

VISUAL: Video of five bookshelves joined together, seven selves high.

The books can be seen under a sheer white computer graphic covering.

The books on each shelf are gradually being revealed in sections until all books are fully revealed ie uncovered.

Narrator: ... on each shelf from left to right like a page from a book.

The numbers increase as you read across the shelf.

Now that you have located the books marked ...

VISUAL: Same image as before of the bookshelf but now has 337 overlaid on top of image of bookshelves.

Narrator: ... 337, you’ll need to look at the ...

VISUAL: Video of books on shelf with 337 plus more of the call numbers on spine stickers.

Narrator: ... numbers after the dot or decimal point ...

VISUAL: Video stops on the image of several spines of books on a shelf and the label on the spine of a book is enlarged and it reads: 337.405 E86.

The size of 405 is increased as this word is spoken.

Narrator: ... in our case, 405.

The numbers after the decimal point in a call number are read individually, not as a whole number.

That means you read the number as ...

VISUAL: As narrator says each number, the number on the enlarged label with is highlighted in green.

Narrator: ... four, zero, five ...

VISUAL: Same image of the enlarged book spine label: 337.405 E86.

Narrator: ... not 405.

So to find 337 point 405, look between ...

VISUAL: Photo of books in background with overlay of graphic spine label 337.405 E86 in centre (as per previous clip).

Then appearing to the left of screen is graphic spine label 337.4.

Narrator: ... 337 point four ...

VISUAL: Photo of books in background with overlay of graphic spine label 337.405 E86 in centre and graphic label 337.4 to left (as per previous clip) then 337.41 on a graphic label appears to the right of screen.

Narrator: ... and 337 point four one.

VISUAL: Same video as previous clip but 337.405 is highlighted in green.

Narrator: Now that you’ve got the right number ...

VISUAL: Same video as previous clip but now E is highlighted in green.

Narrator: ... look for the letter after the number.

These are in alphabetical order.

VISUAL: Left and right spine labels are removed and only centre graphic spine label remains ie 337.405 E86.

Highlighting the numeral eight, followed by the numeral six.

Narrator: You then read the following numbers individually.

VISUAL: Unidentified person’s hands takes out the book from the shelf which has been the subject of the video’s search and shows the book’s cover to the camera: EU-ASEAN.

The person then opens the book.

Narrator: Got it.

VISUAL: RMIT University Logo and website

End of video