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Academic writing


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Sentence fragments

What is a sentence fragment? A sentence fragment is missing some of its parts. There are three main reasons why a sentence may be incomplete.

Short and simple sentences

One of the ways to make your writing easier to read and understand is to use short and simple sentences.

Spelling tips

There are many ways people can improve their spelling. However, knowing a few simple spelling rules can help to improve your spelling.


This section outlines the overall structure of an essay comprising an introduction, body and conclusion. It also explains how to structure an effective paragraph using the TEEL strategy

Structuring assignments

In Australian universities, the usual focus is on introducing the main point at the beginning of an assignment task. This page explains how to structure your assignment using the direct linear...


A summary is an overview that contains the main points of a work.


What is a summary and when should we use one? Does a summary need a reference?

Topic sentences

How to write a topic sentence in a well-written paragraph

Using starter phrases

What is a sentence?

A sentence is a written expression of a complete thought. Some of the features of sentences are included here.

Why use linking words?

Develop cohesion. Linking words are an important way of developing a logical flow of ideas.


Essay writing structure

Writing a report

Do you need to write an academic report? The following pages form an academic report writing tutorial that explains purpose, structure and provides a checklist of features.

Writing an essay

An essay is a discussion in response to a question or statement. In it, you present an argument based on evidence and your analysis of relevant theory and research.

Writing clearly

This tutorial gives you strategies for writing clearly in an academic style.

Writing paragraphs

These resources explain why writing good paragraphs in your assessment tasks is important. They also introduce the easy to follow TEEL structure for your paragraphs to improve your writing skills.

Writing process

The process of writing an essay incorporates a number of elements: analysing the task, research, developing an organised structure through mind mapping, writing a first draft, revising and rewriting.

Writing sentences

Sentences provide us with the framework for the clear written expression of our ideas. In this tutorial