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Paraphrasing activity

Paraphrasing quiz activity showing good and bad examples

Plan and research

Resources to help you plan and begin your essay, mind-mapping, brainstorming and note taking tips.

Preparing for online learning

Before you attend your first online lecture or class, give yourself time to get familiar with Canvas and Collaborate Ultra. Learn about your technical settings, including your audio and your video.

Read and research

To produce a good literature review you must show that you have researched and read widely. This section will take you through the key processes of researching your literature review.

Reading academic articles

Reading skills basics

This tutorial will first look at some useful steps for efficient reading that will help you to select what to read and to save time


Revise your draft to ensure it addresses the task and is written clearly. Use the essay editing checklist below to guide your revision.

Spelling tips

There are many ways people can improve their spelling. However, knowing a few simple spelling rules can help to improve your spelling.

Starting my first assignment

Need to plan your first assignment? Resources and tutorials to assist with assignment planning for academic study.

Staying focused in online classes

Maximise your online class time; come to class prepared and learn strategies to help you focus.


An overview of synthesising concepts in academic writing

Tips from students

International students discuss strategies for developing your English and staying motivated.

Using discussion boards

Discussion boards are platforms on which you can communicate asynchronously with your peers and tutors during an online course.

Using starter phrases

Workplace writing basics

Use plain English to make your message easy to read. The following tips guide you through how to write in plain English.

Writing a business research report

This video explains how to write a business report for post-graduate level students. It covers the introduction, report structure and organisation, writing the report, and business writing.

Writing a case study

Writing a case study tutorial.

Writing a discussion board post

Learn how to start a thread and write a post on an online discussion board by exploring some tips and activities.

Writing a literature review

This tutorial covers four of the most important aspects in writing a literature review

Writing a literature review

This resource provides you with tips and guidelines for researching and writing a literature review. What is the purpose of a literature review? What is and is not included?