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Contract law

This tutorial will help you to understand contract law case questions and apply the following: identify and discuss legal issues, apply the law to the facts, and cite relevant cases.

Critical reading activity

Critical reading activity for reading an article or report

Critical reading process

This guide lists the steps to follow when critically reading a text.

Critical writing

Resources and tutorials to help you with a range of critical writing skills in design

Develop your search strategy

To search effectively, you need to develop a clear search strategy that will find all the relevant information on your topic.

Dosage by weight activity

Part of a tutorial to practise using nursing calculations. Dosage by weight.


Example of an integrated reference in academic writing

Find the information

This tutorial will cover the 'where' and the 'how' to find the information for your research.

Goal setting and focus

General tips for time management

Group work

This tutorial gives you strategies for being part of a successful group, which you can apply to your future academic and professional life.

How to create a mind map

Examples of brainstorm and mind map thinking processes used in study and work situations

How to study company law

This resource will help you to develop strategies for learning and remembering the course content and demonstrate a four-step technique for writing case study answers.

Integrating references

Tutorial for using and integrating references in academic writing

Introduction to chemistry

This tutorial will take you through a quick tour of chemistry and finish with a self-assessment tool. The quiz will test your maths skills and point you to where you can brush up if you need to.

Introduction to law

These tutorials will help you to find legislation and case law, identify and solve legal problems. You can also learn and practice some legal terms and phrases. Learn how to find Australian...

Language of chemistry

What is difference between a liquid, a gas and a solid? How does matter change between states? Learn the terms and names used in chemistry. Becoming fluent in chemistry will unlock many doors in...

Mastering online class participation

Maximise your university experience by learning how to put your best foot forward online and get the most out of your online classes.

Navigating online group work

Learn about effective ways to communicate and collaborate with your classmates when doing group work.

New to university?

If you're new to RMIT, get a head start with these study resources. Make sure you try the Getting Started quizzes.

Oral presentations basics

This tutorial series will take you through what is required to prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation.