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M1 Matrices: Introduction

A matrix is an array of numbers. This module discusses matrices, their order, row and column matrices, square matrices and the identity matrix.

M10 Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors are used to understand how buildings, structures and automobiles react in real life. They also provide insights into many mathematical areas.

M2 Addition and subtraction of matrices

Matrices of the same shape (same number of rows and columns) may be added/subtracted by adding/subtracting the corresponding elements.

M3 Matrix multiplication

To multiply two matrices A and B, the number of columns in A must equal the number of rows in B.

M4 Determinant of a matrix

The determinant of a matrix can only be calculated for a square matrix and is used in many aspects of mathematics/engineering/physics.

M5 Special matrices

It is helpful to understand the definition of a number of different types of “special” matrices.

M6 Systems of equations

Systems of linear equations may be solved using elementary row operations. This is sometimes called Gaussian elimination.

M7 Types of solutions

Systems of linear equations can have infinitely many solutions, no solution, or a unique solution.

M8 Inverse of a 2x2 matrix

There is no division operation in matrix algebra. However, there is multiplication by the inverse.

M9 Inverse of a 3x3 matrix


These maths learning activities will improve your skills in the area of Matrices.