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Improve your skills in the area of Matrices.

  • M1 Matrices: Introduction

    A matrix is an array of numbers. This module discusses matrices, their order, row and column matrices, square matrices and the identity matrix.

  • M2 Addition and subtraction of matrices

    Matrices of the same shape (same number of rows and columns) may be added/subtracted by adding/subtracting the corresponding elements.

  • M3 Matrix multiplication

    To multiply two matrices A and B, the number of columns in A must equal the number of rows in B.

  • M4 Determinant of a matrix

    The determinant of a matrix can only be calculated for a square matrix and is used in many aspects of mathematics/engineering/physics.

  • M5 Special Matrices

    It is helpful to understand the definition of a number of different types of “special” matrices.

  • M6 Systems of equations

    Systems of linear equations may be solved using elementary row operations. This is sometimes called Gaussian elimination.

  • M7 Types of Solutions

    Systems of linear equations can have infinitely many solutions, no solution, or a unique solution.

  • M8 Inverse of a 2x2 matrix

    There is no division operation in matrix algebra. However, there is multiplication by the inverse.

  • M9 Inverse of a 3x3 matrix

  • M10 Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

    Eigenvalues and eigenvectors are used to understand how buildings, structures and automobiles react in real life. They also provide insights into many mathematical areas.