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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Updates August 2021


August 2021 saw some great outcomes from cross collaboration within Library teams to continue to uplift material and architecture across the Learning Lab.

General improvements

All in page menus have been updated. Extraneous/obfuscating accordions removed from navigation

  • Links to internal ‘node’ URLs replaced with English/human-friendly URLs

  • ‘Empty’ index type pages for tutorials have been combined with the first or introductory content in that tutorial

  • Pages with duplicate titles (e.g. ‘Activity’) have been named more usefully, where practical

  • Addition of keyword based taxonomy to a variety of pages

Chemistry resources

Durga Dharamadana from the library’s Learning team has been working with the Digital Learning Team to create new chemistry resources for students who need chemistry support. Chemistry is a component of many areas of study: health, engineering, nursing, biomedicine, and of course, chemistry subjects. The new pages cover basic chemistry and include quiz pages for students to test their knowledge.

Six new chemistry pages have been created.

There are even more chemistry pages, and a maths for chemistry quiz, coming soon, watch this space.

Maths resources

Duplicate topic booklets removed, this is consolidation of duplicated content.

Four new pages added to Statistics

Two new pages added to Matrices

Behind the scenes:

A review of all 600+ (!) pages here on the Learning Lab is now complete which will inform future taxonomy development and navigation review. It’s also highlighted some page duplication issues that have been since resolved.