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Academic poster presentations

Academic style

Information and tutorial explaining academic style and strategies for writing clearly.

Academic word list 1 & 2

Links to tutorial activities for academic word list 1 & 2

Academic word list 3 & 4

Activities to learn and practice common words used in academic writing.

Academic word list 5 & 6

Academic word lists 5 & 6 - part of the academic word list tool including tutorials and learning activities to improve your English vocabulary

Academic word list 7 & 8

In these activities, you will learn to use the words in Sublists 7 & 8 of the Academic Word List.

Academic word list 9 & 10

This page links to word lists, tutorials and learning activities to help you to improve your academic English.

An introduction to the periodic table

What is the periodic table? How do you read the periodic table?

Analyse the task

A learning task to help you to carefully read and analyse the essay topic and identify the key words

Art and design

Resources to help you with critical and reflective writing, artist statements, essays and more.

Assessments for law

Resources for students writing assessments for law, IRAC, case notes, and legal memos. These tutorials will assist you in completing law assessments such as writing a memo or a case note and...

Assignment slammer

This short tutorial walks you through the process of preparing, planning and writing an assignment.

Atomic structure

All atoms are composed of a small positively charged nucleus containing protons and neutrons surrounded by a larger negatively charged electron cloud.

Atoms and atomic structures

This tutorial will step you through what atoms are made of and how they make other molecules and compounds. This unit also covers electrons, how are they structured and how do they behave? What is...


Using the TEEL strategy for writing paragraphs in the body of an essay.

Business law: Contract

This resource introduces you to the legal terminology of contract law. Work through this resource to improve your understanding of contractual principles

Business law: Introduction

This tutorial is particularly useful for students who have limited prior knowledge of Australian law. The tutorial introduces you to the fundamentals, principles and language of law.

Chemical equations

Chemical equations represent chemical reaction using symbols and letters. This tutorial will teach you what the properties of chemical equations are, how to read an equation as well as how to balance...

Chemistry today

Why study chemistry? Chemistry is a vital part of creating the modern world. To understand the natural world, you need chemistry. From DNA to space flight, virtually all parts of science and...

Content and structure

Writing a general discussion post, in which you share your knowledge and personal experience informally, is different to a task-based discussion post which will be assessed and marked by your tutor.