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Case studies


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Business law: Negligence

This resource introduces you to the language and vocabulary of negligence law. It provides practice activities as well as a case study exercise.

Case studies

How to write case studies - links to tutorials and videos including a case study report for nursing

Case study report for nursing

A series of videos explaining case study writing for nursing

Contract law

This tutorial will help you to understand contract law case questions and apply the following: identify and discuss legal issues, apply the law to the facts, and cite relevant cases.

Editing and proofing

A checklist activity to help you ensure you edit and proofread your work before submission.

Identify key issues

When writing case studies, it is vital to identify the major issues and their causes, to propose appropriate solutions later.

Make recommendations

How to structure and present the recommendations section of your report.

Model case study

This section will take you through the process of constructing a legal argument in contract law.

Model case study

This section will take you through the process of constructing a legal argument around the tort of negligence.

Overview of case studies

Overview of a case study and which elements should be included

Read the case

How to read a case - case report writing at university.


Legal case problem questions and learning activity

Stage 1: Analyse the task

It is important to understand the exact requirements of a case study assessment task. Look at the following example to see how to analyse the task in order to address the requirements.

Stage 2: Research and link to theory

Stage 2 of writing a case study, research and link to theory

Stage 3: Developing solutions

Developing solutions when writing a case study

The case study

The following model shows you how to answer a case study. After reading the question, use the model plan (PDF) and try and identify the legal issues, relevant laws and apply the laws to the facts.

Writing a case study

Writing a case study tutorial.