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Reading the question

When reading any legal case problem, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the general issue here?
  • What are the particular legal issues?
  • How do these issues relate to the facts of the problem?
  • What case law is relevant to the facts presented?

Activity: Contract law question

Read the following case scenario and try to answer the above questions.

James saw a classified advertisement in a magazine offering to sell Kate's piano for $4000.
James wrote to Kate stating that he would 'take the instrument at your price'.

On 1st May, Kate wrote to James stating that she now wanted $5,000 and would keep her offer open for a week. James received the letter on 4th May and wrote back to Kate stating he agreed to pay the $5000 'at your convenience'. The letter unfortunately didn't arrive until 11th May. The next day (5th May), Kate had lunch with her sister Julie. They discussed the piano and agreed that Julie could have the piano for $3,500 if she minded Kate's children on Saturday nights. On 6th May, the piano was delivered to Julie's house.