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Critical reading


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Am I research ready?

This self-assessment checklist provides a guide to help you get research ready

Analysing an argument: key steps

This page will take you through the key steps of analysing an argument. What do we need to look for when we start reading for an assignment?

Arguments and evidence

A claim, or argument, that is backed up by assumptions makes the claim more believable. However, a claim or argument that is backed up by evidence is much stronger. Quality evidence = fact.

Becoming a critical thinker

Critical thinking doesn’t just happen. It takes time to develop and practice the necessary combination of knowledge, skills and attitude.


A reading checklist to assist you before starting to write your literature review.

Critical reading

Critical reading involves developing a deep understanding of the content of a text as well as an analysis of the author's claims, evidence, arguments and conclusions.

Critical reading

This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills.

Critical reading activity

Critical reading activity for reading an article or report

Critical reading and note-making

This tutorial covers strategies to help manage academic reading and enhance your critical understanding.

Critical reading process

Reading critically requires active reading. Asking questions as you read forms the basis of critical reading. Questions like those listed below help you to maintain focus while reading, to examine...

Critical reading process

This guide lists the steps to follow when critically reading a text.

Critical thinking - Critical reading

The aim of this tutorial is to develop your critical thinking capacity. It will take time but you don’t need to do the activities in one session.

Elements of an argument

This is the language used when critically analysing a text.

Evaluate information sources using CRAAP

How to apply the CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose) test to your sources.

Identify key issues

When writing case studies, it is vital to identify the major issues and their causes, to propose appropriate solutions later.

Persuasive language techniques

What language techniques does Dawson use in her article? Are they persuasive? Is she demonstrating bias?

Read and research

To produce a good literature review you must show that you have researched and read widely. This section will take you through the key processes of researching your literature review.

Read the case

How to read a case - case report writing at university.

Reading skills

Resources including videos, tutorials and study tips for improving reading efficiency and critical reading skills for academic studies

Reading skills basics

This tutorial will first look at some useful steps for efficient reading that will help you to select what to read and to save time