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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Updates November 2021


Search improvements

Following feedback from our collegues, we've reviewed and improved the Learning Lab's search function. The inbuilt one served by Drupal required internal database polling which was limited by some content types. The new search is powered by Google's own machine learning alogorithm which intends to serve the best results based on the user's other search queries. It's pretty hard to fault Google Search, we're glad we've implemented this feature. It also gives us an opportunity to deprioritise some content that is served to search results that may not meet accessiblity standards. 

You can reach the Search function from the Home Page, the top title bar or the dedicated Search and Keyword page.

UX and navigation improvements

  • The RMIT University Library logo has replaced the RMIT University logo.
  • Mobile navigation has been improved, making the 'hamburger' easier to select.
  • The 'Login' link in the header has been replaced with a link to the new search page. Note, you don't need to log in to access any content in the Learning Lab, all content is available to all users. Log in is only necessary for administrators.
  • 'Was this page helpful' feedback has been removed, replaced with the more direct email link in the footer of every page.

Maths resources

As part of ongoing work with the RMIT Library STEM team, we've been converting PDF learning material to HTML pages. This valuable work moves content out of inaccessible formats into mobile friendly pages. The pages developed in the last month are listed below.