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Case studies

How to write case studies - links to tutorials and videos including a case study report for nursing

Do I have enough information?

When researching you may gather a lot of information from websites, books, e-journals, etc. How do you know when you have enough information for your assignment?


To keep the audience interested your presentation must be lively and varied. A range of strategies are explained here to improve your oral presentation skills.


Resources and tutorials that explain how to write an academic essay with an overview of essay structure, style and writing process

Group work

This tutorial gives you strategies for being part of a successful group, which you can apply to your future academic and professional life.

Literature review: getting started

Links to tutorials and resources to assist with writing a literature review.

Oral presentations

Resources to help you prepare for oral presentations at university.

Oral presentations basics

This tutorial series will take you through what is required to prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation.


The following strategies can help make your oral presentation more interesting.


Are you new to report writing? These tutorials teach you how to write well-structured academic and business reports for your assessment tasks.

Researching your assignment

A three-part series of tutorials explaining how to get started with academic research and how to find the right information for your assignments and tasks

Starting my first assignment

Need to plan your first assignment? Resources and tutorials to assist with assignment planning for academic study.

Studio knowledge object

The studio knowledge object records learning and insights gained in a design studio course.

The search process

About the information search process for academic assignments

Understand the assignment task

Study tips for understanding assignment tasks including an instructional word list