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This learning activity will help you to analyse any legal question in contract law

Answering a legal problem - IRAC

Proper planning is vital to successfully answering a legal problem. Below are some hints and tools using a problem from Company Law

Case citations

To answer any legal question, you must apply the facts to the law and back up your arguments through citing relevant legal cases.

Integrating a legal argument

To develop an integrated legal argument, you need to link your arguments together.

Language focus

These examples of linking words and learning activities can help with language focus when writing answers to legal questions.

Language focus

Modal and conditional language is important in legal argument as it allows arguments to be contructed in terms of possiblity, probability and conditions.

Learning a legal language

There are two types of vocabulary that you need to learn in Company Law: Commonly used vocabulary, Topic-specific vocabulary.


Part of a tutorial in contract law. Here is a model answer to the contract law question. Look at how the legal issues

Planning your answer

Legal argument is a process of identifying legal issues, connecting it to appropriate laws then applying those laws to the facts. This example model plan shows you how to find and cite supporting...


Legal case problem questions and learning activity

Writing a legal memo

How to write legal memos for your law subjects. Legal memorandums that are written as assignments can take three forms: an in-house document, a letter to a client, or a paper on legal policy.

Writing your answer

Once you have written your plan, you need to turn this into your answer. There should be one main legal issue per paragraph. Each main issue needs to demonstrate appropriate application of the law to...