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Atomic Structures


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Atomic structure

All atoms are composed of a small positively charged nucleus containing protons and neutrons surrounded by a larger negatively charged electron cloud.

Atoms and atomic structures

This tutorial will step you through what atoms are made of and how they make other molecules and compounds. This unit also covers electrons, how are they structured and how do they behave? What is...

Atoms, molecules and compounds

Atoms are the basic building blocks of elements that still have the properties of the element. They are too small to be observed by the naked eye

Atoms, molecules and compounds quiz

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of atoms and elements.

Electron configuration quiz

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of electron configuration.

Quantum numbers: the address of an electron

Quantum numbers are used to describe orbitals. This page will explain how to calculate the address of an electron

Quiz - quantum numbers

This Chemistry quiz will test your knowledge of atomic structures, electrons and quantum numbers

Quiz atomic structure

Take this quiz on atoms, their properties and atoms structures. If you need to revise this knowledge, see the atoms page above.

The Electron - an overview

Electrons are tiny particles that are revolving around the nucleus in circular orbits similar to the solar system. Energy of electron in orbit