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Academic integrity: Perspectives

This series of videos offers perspectives on academic integrity from academics and students.

Artist statement - examples

A selection of real-world artist statements from our RMIT creative communities. These examples include learning activities that show you the different parts of a statement, and the many different...

Case study report for nursing

A series of videos explaining case study writing for nursing


The structure of your essay provides a framework for the logical development of your argument, from the introduction through the body and to the conclusion.

Critical incident report for nursing

Short videos and instructions on how to complete a critical incident report and reflective writing in nursing.

Critical reading and note-making

This tutorial covers strategies to help manage academic reading and enhance your critical understanding.

Critical thinking - Critical reading

The aim of this tutorial is to develop your critical thinking capacity. It will take time but you don’t need to do the activities in one session.

Defining the formula

Nursing calculations - short video on how to define and understand the formula in nursing calculations for finding volume for medication dosage.

Developing authority

These video and audio resources discuss how to develop your writer's authority or voice in a literature review.

Electronic and AV resources

The Library has an extensive collection of electronic resources which includes e-books, e-journals, streaming videos, and images.


Resources and tutorials that explain how to write an academic essay with an overview of essay structure, style and writing process

Evaluate information sources using CRAAP

How to apply the CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose) test to your sources.

Expectations of students

Many new students are surprised that they are expected to become self-directed and independent learners in Australian tertiary institutions. The information here will help you to develop your...

Finding Australian case law

An interactive video that steps you through finding relevant cases and outcomes in the Australian legal system. Links to databases and case notes relevant to commonwealth and state cases.

Finding Australian legislation

Interactive video that steps through finding relevant Australian, state and federal, legislation. Find state and commonwealth legislation - both present versions and past iterations. Use the...

In your free time

Short video of international students discussing how they developed their English in their free time.

Introduction to academic integrity

Knowledge of academic integrity will help you succeed in your studies, give you agency to express your own ideas and help you succeed by understanding when and how to acknowledge sources and how to...

Need over have

This short video is the third of three videos in the Nursing calculations - Finding the volume required section. It explains the formula for calculating the quantity of a drug in solution for correct...

New to university?

If you're new to RMIT, get a head start with these study resources. Make sure you try the Getting Started quizzes.

Oral presentations: Part 1-4

This series of four videos covers preparing for a group presentation, how to structure your presentation, presentation skills and having a clear message.