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Understanding the question


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Analyse the task

A learning task to help you to carefully read and analyse the essay topic and identify the key words

Analysing an argument: key steps

This page will take you through the key steps of analysing an argument. What do we need to look for when we start reading for an assignment?

Assignment preparation

Not all university assignments are the same. This page has resources to help your understand your assignment before you begin.

Critical reading process

This guide lists the steps to follow when critically reading a text.

Develop your search strategy

To search effectively, you need to develop a clear search strategy that will find all the relevant information on your topic.

Get started

This tutorial covers how to get started with your research. It begins with an overview of the information search process, then focuses on how to understand your assignment task, and finally, how to...

Mind mapping

Mind maps are a useful tool for making notes, revising and organising information. They are a visual representation of connections between concepts and ideas that are related to one central topic.


Planning and group work. Good planning lays the groundwork for successfully completing the task.

Reports vs essays

Students often ask the question, What is the difference between a report and an essay? Here we have a helpful summary of the main differences between essays and reports presented in a table and a...

Understand the assignment task

Study tips for understanding assignment tasks including an instructional word list

Understand your topic

Tips, links and hints to help you better understand your topic and provide direction for your research.