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Mind mapping


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Artist statement - mind mapping

If you don’t know how to start writing your artist statement, mind mapping words and ideas that relate to your creative practice is a good way to visualise concepts and create relationships between...

How to create a mind map

Examples of brainstorm and mind map thinking processes used in study and work situations

Maximising your study sessions

Information to help you maximise your study session including organising information, categorising information visually, and identifying topics that are likely to be on the exam

Mind mapping

Mind maps are a useful tool for making notes, revising and organising information. They are a visual representation of connections between concepts and ideas that are related to one central topic.

Mind maps

Mind maps are a useful visual tool for organising, revising and remembering Company Law topics.

Organising information

Steps 4 & 5 of mind mapping and organising information to help you with your reading and study skills


Writing a literature review, how to plan and what to include

Writing process

The process of writing an essay incorporates a number of elements: analysing the task, research, developing an organised structure through mind mapping, writing a first draft, revising and rewriting.