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Chemical bonding



How do chemicals form bonds to create molecules, compounds and more?

Learn about different forms of chemical bonding, and how those bonds are broken, in this tutorial.

Tutorial overview

  • Ionic bonds - transferring electrons from one atom to another forms ionic bonds, learn how. Plus the naming protocols and more. Time to complete 35 minutes
  • Ionic bonds quiz - test your knowledge of ionic bonds here. Time to complete 60 minutes
  • Lewis electron - dot structure - learn what the Lewis. electron-dot atom is and how it affects molecular compunds. Time to complete 40 minutes.
  • Lewis structure quiz - How well do you understand Lewis structures and the octet rule? Find out here. Time to complete 45 minutes.
  • Covalent bonds - covalent bonds form molecular compounds and help to predict molecular geometry of atoms. Time to complete 60 minutes.
  • Covalent bonds quiz - Test your knowledge of covalent bonds here. Time to complete 60 minutes.


Image of strands of chemicals forming bonds