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Annotated bibliographies

Study tips for writing an annotated bibliography on a research topic with structural guidelines

Do I need to reference everything?

There are very clear rules around what needs to be referenced and what does not. Some things are not regarded as plagiarism, such as general knowledge, history and facts.


Example of an integrated reference in academic writing

Getting help with referencing

These resources can help you learn more about why referencing is important, how to reference properly, and using reference management tools to track your sources.

Include references

Academic writing and references using quotes and paraphrasing

Inserting references

Where to insert a reference for direct quotes, short quotes and block quotes; references at the beginning middle and end of sentence

Integrating evidence

At postgraduate level you are expected to refer to a wide range sources as evidence of the depth of your reading.

Integrating evidence

To reinforce your argument, integrate the analysis of experts by using citations - both direct and indirect.

Integrating ideas

Integrating ideas in academic writing to create a cohesive argument

Integrating ideas with reporting words

Reporting words tell your audience about a person’s position on a topic, and help you to communicate clearly by integrating the ideas of others into your own argument.

Integrating references

Tutorial for using and integrating references in academic writing

International student stories

In this resource, eight RMIT students share some of their experiences in adapting to study in Australia. The resource will introduce four areas that international students often find new and a little...


Paraphrasing is when you express information, ideas, or work done by someone else in your own words. A successful paraphrase changes both the structure and words of the original text.


Paraphrasing is when you use someone else's ideas and put them in your own words. Learn more about paraphrasing here.


Plagiarism, whether intentional or not, is considered a form of theft and fraud. Any time you use the ideas of others in your own work, you must ensure you are referencing them properly.


Academic integrity (Harvard). Plagiarism can be either deliberate, unintentional or sometimes due to poor referencing techniques. The following activity will test your knowledge and raise awareness...


Using someone’s words in their original form is called quoting. Learn about using direct quotes and block quotes in your work.


Links to referencing resources for law students. All assessments need to follow the referencing guidelines for that school. Subjects in the law faculty require referencing in AGLC4 format.


Clear and accurate referencing, using the correct referencing system, is an important aspect of tertiary academic writing.


Clear and accurate referencing, using the correct referencing system, is an important aspect of tertiary academic writing.