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Information sources


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Am I research ready?

This self-assessment checklist provides a guide to help you get research ready

Artist statement - useful resources

Links to useful resources related to writing an artist statement.


Library databases can include journal articles, news articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and specialised information such as standards, theses, case studies and images.

Do I have enough information?

When researching you may gather a lot of information from websites, books, e-journals, etc. How do you know when you have enough information for your assignment?

Electronic and AV resources

The Library has an extensive collection of electronic resources which includes e-books, e-journals, streaming videos, and images.

Engaging critically with social media

The SIFT method can help you to critically evaluate the validity and reliability of information before sharing it with your online community.

Find the information

This tutorial will cover the 'where' and the 'how' to find the information for your research.

Further academic integrity resources

Resources and a checklist to help you learn more about academic integrity

Integrating evidence

At postgraduate level you are expected to refer to a wide range sources as evidence of the depth of your reading.

New to university?

If you're new to RMIT, get a head start with these study resources. Make sure you try the Getting Started quizzes.

Organising information

Steps 4 & 5 of mind mapping and organising information to help you with your reading and study skills

Print books

An instructional video showing how to find print books in the library including how to search and read a call number.

The search process

About the information search process for academic assignments