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A1.1 Algebraic operations

This section introduces the basic skills for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (+ - × ÷) of algebraic expressions.

A1.3 Removing brackets

What do I do with the brackets? Brackets are useful to group numbers, pronumerals and operations together as a whole. Whatever is around the brackets affects all the things inside the brackets. View...

A1.4 Algebraic fractions: Addition and subtraction

How do I deal with fractions involving pronumerals? Adding and subtracting fractions always requires a common denominator (which is the lower half of the fraction). These need to be the same before...

A1.5 Algebraic fractions: Multiplication and division

What is an algebraic fraction? The numerator(top) or denominator(bottom) of a fraction can be in algebraic form involving numbers and variables (represented by pronumerals or letters). In this...

A2.1 Rearranging formulae

Learn how to manipulate or rearrange formulas that involve fractions and brackets.

A2.3 Transposition of formulas with challenges

Are you still trying to get that variable on its own from the formula, but it is in a tricky place – or maybe it appears more than once? Here we demonstrate manipulating or rearranging complex...


What is algebra? Why are there letters in the equation? Algebraic expressions involve pronumerals (letters) to represent values. Pronumerals can take many different values. We often need to plug...


Links to videos explaining different aspects of arithmetic: decimals, fractions, numbers, percentages & surds, and measurement


What is a decimal? Decimals are another way to express fractions or parts of a whole. We need them for measurement, and it is the easiest way to express fractions on a computer or a calculator....


How do we use fractions? A fraction is the easiest way to express a part of a whole. If you received 18/20 for your test, you got 18 marks correct out of the 20 marks available on the whole test...


What is a unit of measurement? How do I deal with measurement errors? Measurement is an important skill for everyday life but especially in fields of STEM. These pages will enhance your understanding...


Where do you start counting from? zero? Think again! Calculating with numbers is a basic skill for everyday life. Watch these videos to see how the number system of integers (counting numbers)...

Percentages & surds

How can you turn a raw score in a test into a percentage? If you get 15/20 for a test, you have done as well as someone who got 75 out of 100!