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Law assessments


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Assessments for law

Resources for students writing assessments for law, IRAC, case notes, and legal memos. These tutorials will assist you in completing law assessments such as writing a memo or a case note and...

Contract law

This tutorial will help you to understand contract law case questions and apply the following: identify and discuss legal issues, apply the law to the facts, and cite relevant cases.


Part of a tutorial in contract law. Here is a model answer to the contract law question. Look at how the legal issues


Links to referencing resources for law students. All assessments need to follow the referencing guidelines for that school. Subjects in the law faculty require referencing in AGLC4 format.

Writing a legal argument

The example paragraphs below demonstrate the things you need to include to write a successful legal argument.

Writing a legal memo

How to write legal memos for your law subjects. Legal memorandums that are written as assignments can take three forms: an in-house document, a letter to a client, or a paper on legal policy.

Writing a legal scenario

When answering a Company Law problem, it is useful to apply the IRAC structure so that you address all areas required.

Writing case notes

How to write case notes for your law subjects.