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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Updates September 2021


General improvements

There has been ongoing work to tag and remove duplicated content, fix 404's and improve redirects. A number of pages have been modified to improve layout consistency. All this general infrastructural work is intended to better connect users with content quicker.

As ever, these changes are non destructive, and we're setting up URL redirects to ensure those who are looking for content are able to find it using their bookmarks.


After some long hours and considerable review, we've applied a taxonomy system to all content pages on the Learning Lab. With over 600 pages, this is a substantial feat. This encourages non linear learning journeys for students, and helps link similar content themes that may be across learning disciplines. A keyword index is now here, which for the first time, shows the breadth of resources on the Learning Lab. There's a link to this index in the footer on all pages too. 

Maths resources

As part of ongoing work with the RMIT Library STEM team, we've been converting PDF learning material to HTML pages. This valuable work moves content out of inaccessible formats into mobile friendly pages. The pages developed in the last month are listed below.

Behind the scenes

Following some deep dives into the engagement data on the Learning Lab (it gets 1.3 Million sessions a year), we've been looking at user flow through content and have some new front page designs that we're testing that will better connect users with content. It will also assist with bringing the site in line with other RMIT branded products.

As we're building new interactive and illustrative content in the sciences, we've been improving our animation approach, moving away from animated gifs into HTML and JavaScript. This provides accesible controls on animations and the limitations on looped images.