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Formula activity 5


This learning activity is part 5 of the "Finding the volume required" formulas section of nursing calculations.

Activity 5

Complete the VR formula by dragging the units into their correct position. Incorrect answers will snap back to their original position.

The doctor prescribes 350mg350 mg of Drugex which comes in bottles marked 50mg 50 mg /100ml 100 ml. Therefore the patient needs700ml700 ml.



Read the given scenario and identify the:

  • [VR] Volume Required
  • [SR] Strength Required
  • [SS] Stock Strength
  • [SV] Stock Volume

and fill in the formula: VR = (SR/SS) x (SV/1)


The doctor prescribes 350 mg of Drugex which comes in bottles marked 50 mg/100 ml. Therefore the patient needs 700 ml.


  • Volume Required: 700ml
  • Strength Required: 350mg
  • Stock Strength: 50mg
  • Stock Volume: 100ml

700 = (350mg/50mg) x (100ml/1)