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Formula activity 2


This learning activity is part 2 of the "Finding the volume required" formulas section of nursing calculations.

Activity 2

Match the values of the formula to their corresponding image. Incorrect answers will snap back to their original position.






Match the following values of the formula to their descriptions. Answers will be given after each description.

  • Volume Required [VR]
  • Strength Required [SR]
  • Stock Strength [SS]
  • Stock Volume [SV]

Description 1:

A volume of solution with 40ml in an ampule.

Answer: Stock Volume [SV]

Description 2:

A amount of drug with 500mg in an capsule.

Answer: Stock Strength [SS]

Description 3:

50mg needed for a patient.

Answer: Strength Required [SR]

Description 4:

A solution of 2ml needed for an patient.

Answer: Volume Required [VR]