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The mole


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Stoichiometry describes the relationship between relative quantities of reactants and products in a balanced chemical equation.

Stoichiometry - exercises

Quiz yourself on your knowledge of stoichiometry. See worked examples and then try for yourself. Time to complete 25 minutes.

The mole - exercises

How many acetaminophen molecules are present in 0.25mol of acetaminophen? From the mole concept and the Avogadro’s number, we know that one mole of acetaminophen contains 6.022×1023 acetaminophen...

The mole and stoichiometry

What do moles have to with chemistry? How do we measure the mass of different components in a chemical reaction? The mole and stoichiometry are explained here.

The mole as a unit of measurement

In everyday language we say one dozen to describe 12 objects, a decade for ten years, a ream for 500 sheets of paper. In chemistry we use moles.