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Chemical equations - exercises

Quiz yourself on your knowledge of chemical reactions and chemical equations.

Chemical equations and reactions

A chemical reaction is represented by a chemical equation that involves ions, atoms and molecular formulas. Main components of a chemical equation

ES1 Linear equations

Equations with one variable may be solved using transposition skills to make the variable the subject of the equation.

ES4 Quadratic formula

The solutions to any quadratic equation can be found by substituting the values a, b, c into the quadratic formula.

ES5 Cubic equations, polynomial long division

One polynomial may be divided by another of lower degree by long division (similar to arithmetic long division).

ES6 (ILS2.2) Exponential equations

Indicial (or exponential) equations have the form a to the power of x= b If we can write b as a number with a base a and an index, then we can equate the indices to find x. If two equal numbers are...