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Chemistry exercises


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Concentration and dilutions exercises

Concentration and dilutions exercises such as "How many millilitres of ethanol are required to prepare 80mL of a 70.0%v/v solution?"

Concentration and dilutions of solutions

Concentration refers to the amount of solute present in a given quantity (known volume) of a solution. Scientists used different methods to express concentration. Depending on the method, the units...

Exercises on acids, salts and bases

Quiz yourself on acids, bases and salts. How well do you know the chemistry of acids, bases and salts?

Redox reactions - exercises

Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge of redox reactions. See the working and learn how to calculate them yourself

Stoichiometry - exercises

Quiz yourself on your knowledge of stoichiometry. See worked examples and then try for yourself. Time to complete 25 minutes.

Strength of acids and bases quiz

How well do you know acids and bases? What makes an acid weak or strong? Check your knowledge here

The mole - exercises

How many acetaminophen molecules are present in 0.25mol of acetaminophen? From the mole concept and the Avogadro’s number, we know that one mole of acetaminophen contains 6.022×1023 acetaminophen...