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Word forms


Choose the best word from each drop-down box.


Activity 1


Identify the correct word forms. Choose the correct noun, verb or adjective within the [brackets].

Word 1

  • Noun: distribution
  • Verb: [distribute, distributional, distributor]
  • Adjective: [distribution, distributional, distributor]


  • Noun: distribution
  • Verb: [distribute]
  • Adjective: [distributional]

Word 2

  • Noun: Interpretation
  • Verb: [misinterpretation, interpret, interpretive]
  • Adjective: [misinterpretation, interpret, interpretive]


  • Noun: Interpretation
  • Verb: [interpret]
  • Adjective: [interpretive]

Word 3

  • Noun: [conclusion, concludes, conclusive]
  • Verb: conclude
  • Adjective: [conclusion, conclusive conclusively]


  • Noun: [conclusion]
  • Verb: conclude
  • Adjective: [conclusive]

Word 4

  • Noun: [selection, select, selective]
  • Verb: select
  • Adjective: [selective, selector, selectively]


  • Noun: [selection]
  • Verb: select
  • Adjective: [selective]

Word 5

  • Noun: [correspondence, corresponded, correspondingly]
  • Verb: correspond
  • Adjective: [correspondence, correspondingly, corresponding]


  • Noun: [correspondence]
  • Verb: correspond
  • Adjective: [corresponding]

Word 6

  • Noun: [computable, computer, computational]
  • Verb: [compute, computation, computable]
  • Adjective: computerised


  • Noun: [computer]
  • Verb: [compute]
  • Adjective: computerised

Activity 2


Complete the following sentences by identifying the correct word form. Choose the correct noun, verb or adjective within the [brackets].

1. For example, there has been a slow uptake of the use of degradable plastic bags [derived, derive, derivative] from plants such as corn.

Answer: derived

2. This assignment requires a methodical [approaching, approachable, approach].

Answer: approach

3. Opportunities for [export, exporter, exported] to Asia will also be discussed in light of the new trade agreements.

Answer: export

4. The [contract, contractor, contracted] between the two companies was shown to be unlawful.

Answer: contract

5. Many experts predict that the full [economical, economy, economic] impact will not be felt for at least a year.

Answer: economic