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Test yourself


Test yourself on Academic word list tool. Activities include drop down list of words in each sentence.

Choose the best word from each drop-down box.



Choose the best word in [brackets] from each choice. Answers will be given at the end of each question.

1.Ensure the evidence was [obtaining, obtain, obtained] lawfully, as any suspected failure to follow regulations may endanger the prosecution’s case.

Answer: obtained

2. Of the many [issues, aspects] facing young people today, the social pressure to conform to a ‘perfect’ body type is among the most difficult.

Answer: issues

3. How much a child allows peer pressure to [transfer, affect] his or her decision-making process depends largely on family background and education.

Answer: affect

4. The [conceptual, concept, conceptualise] for the project was conceived during the riots, as a response to prevailing attitudes towards those involved in the unrest.

Answer: concept

5. It is anticipated that the results will be [consistent, restricted] with Langham (2007), indicating a cyclical pattern of behaviour in this species.

Answer: consistent

6. The [majority, majorities, major] obstacle to a change of policy is the belief that companies should be free to set executive pay levels.

Answer: major

7. Understanding the [potential, available] pitfalls of the restaurant industry and how to avoid them will help to ensure your venture’s success.

Answer: potential

8. The text “Aspects of War: representations of conflict in contemporary American cinema” is [requiring, required, requirement] reading for this course.

Answer: required

9. The first stage of the plan is to [estimation, estimate, estimated] the likely flood peak, using the available water catchment figures.

Answer: estimate

10. Many physicists [sought, occurred] to explain the atom, but it was Bohr’s concept of electrons that paved the way for quantum physics as we know it today

Answer: sought

11. Viewed in the [contextualise, contextual, context] of the anxiety of post-WW2 Europe, it is easy to see why authorities decided the film was too frightening for audiences.

Answer: context

12. The potential risk of an investment can be [evaluated, evaluation, evaluating] using several methods.

Answer: evaluated

13. The project is a [formula, response] to Dunbar’s number, the theory that there are a finite number of meaningful relationships that a person can maintain.

Answer: response

14.The most impressive of the new technology’s [features, credits] is its ability to allow real-time audience interaction with a live broadcast.

Answer: features

15. This course focuses not only on the theory of urban design, but also on students’ [acquiring, acquisition, acquires] of practical skills in CAD and project management.

Answer: acquisition