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RMIT University Library - Learning Lab

Updates October 2021


Instructional Video

More than 140 videos from the Learning Lab have been collected and collated in the RMIT University Library YouTube Channel. Clean, readable captions have been applied to every video and transcripts have been included as an *.rtf (text only) file, linked just after every video embedded in the Learning Lab.

The videos cover a range of topics to support students, such as: study skills, research, writing skills, student stories, and library services.

We've also created an index for all the videos for educators to embed into their online course material 

Popular videos include: 

Artist statement

The Artist statement part of the Learning Lab's Art & Design content has been updated with additional material, new learning activities and real-world examples of professional artist statements from RMIT creative communities (including videos from RMIT Gallery). Many thanks to Helen Rayment from RMIT  University Gallery, and Elizabeth Marsden and Nick Devlin from the RMIT University Art Collection for providing these examples, and to the artists who gave permission for their texts to be shared in this learning space

Chemistry pages

The collaboration between Digital Learning and the Academic Skills Advisors in the Library's Learning team continues to produce excellent new materials to replace tired, inaccessible unwieldy PDFs. The latest chemistry pages to be published, in October are listed below.

General improvements

  • Uplift of pages and content, fixed links, typos and corrections.
  • Removal of duplicated content.
  • Redirects applied to retired content
  • Improvements to navigation and content discoverability.
  • Improved search functionality on this updated search page.

Teacher resources

We're completely rewriting the educator resources sections so assist teachers to find and embed or link Learning Lab content in their online course material. A summary on what's on offer can be found on the Learning Lab for Educators page.

Behind the scenes

The Library's Digital Learning team has created new templates, elements and navigation features to improve the student experience and ensure greater consistency with other RMIT learning environments, in particular Canvas. The new banners, styles and features will be appearing on pages in the coming months. As always, watch this space for updates.